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The Digital HELP Portal – for public authorities

The Digital HELP Portal is a very useful service and information portal for the administration itself

As per § 3 Par. 3 of the Business Service Portal Act, every Federal Minister is obligated to assist within the realm of his or her responsibility with the development and running of the business service portal by providing information and support for procedures as set out in § 1 Par. 1 and providing information needed for operating the citizen service portal (§ 1 Par. 2). is precisely this “citizen service portal”. – the first place to go for citizens

The HELP Website has been offering online services according to the one-stop principle since 2001 and continues to successively develop new services. More than 10 million users access the comprehensive information in the digital HELP portal at Each year, more than 40 million pages are accessed. If calculated in terms of a physical public administration location, this would amount to almost 400 service counters working in parallel on customer queries the entire year (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). partnership

A helpful step towards eGovernment is to become a HELP partner. This free offer allows local communities, district authorities, magistrates and provincial governments to profit from the prior experiences and knowledge in eGovernment and gives them access to solutions that have been developed by experts.

The free HELP partnership offers municipalities and local authorities the opportunity to:

  • increase their Internet presence,
  • improve the quality of service for citizens and
  • offer content on their site that has been created by specialists.

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