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The Austrian Security Portal

The portal addresses topics relating to security in the digital world

Attacks against computers, smartphones and co. are becoming increasingly more complex and professional. For this reason, the ICT security portal went online at the beginning of 2013 because “online security” should be a matter of course.

Cybercrime is already one of the five fields of crime with the greatest influence on society’s perception of security. In order to combat this trend, primarily greater awareness of security and digital training of the target groups are required alongside technical and organisational measures.

With the ICT security portal, a central Internet portal was created in February 2013 by collaboration between administration and economy with a total of 40 cooperation partners; this portal only addresses topics relating to security in the digital world and is unique in this form. The comprehensive range of services also includes, among others, information that is tailored to companies such as security standards, security manuals and legal regulations, as well as contact details of hotlines and registration offices for emergencies, in guaranteed independent and in-depth form.

The ICT security portal is a strategic measure of the National ICT Security Strategy and the Austrian Strategy for Cyber Security to promote and strengthen in the long term the ICT and cyber security culture in Austria. The initiators are the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), the Federal Chancellery (BKA) and the Centre for Secure Information Technology – Austria (A-SIT).


The Austrian Security Portal (in German)