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SourcePIN Register Authority Regulation 2009

The SourcePIN Register Authority Regulation 2009 specifies the tasks of the SourcePIN Register Authority which are necessary for the implementation of the citizen card concept and the cooperation with its service providers.

The main provisions deal with the following:

The process for creating identity links, in particular the duties of registration offices, the validation of identity, and the identity link dataset.

The transformation of sector-specific personal identifiers (ssPIN) into ssPINs from other sectors, generating ssPINs for certain mandate relationships and the configuration of data applications from the controller from the public sector.

The electronic presentation and verification of mandate relationships as pertains to the citizen card concept. One of the remarkable achievements of the citizen card concept is the possibility to represent mandate relationships electronically. The SourcePIN Register Authority signs or seals the mandate dataset and thus prevents forgery of such datasets stored on citizen cards. The SourcePIN Register Authority enables users to view and revoke mandates online.

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SourcePIN Register Authority Regulation (in German)