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Rules on how digital communication should work

In order to make the most of eGovernment's potential, you not only need technical standards and compatible software solutions, but also well-defined rules and regulations that govern how digital communication should work. This type of guideline is referred to as a "policy".

Internet Policy

The Internet policy is the basis for Internet communication between the Federal Government, provinces and municipalities, as well as with citizens and businesses. This convention describes, in a general way, possible ways to harmonise communication from public authorities to citizens, public authorities to businesses and between public authorities themselves.


The transfer policy designates what public authorities need to do when transmitting electronic data via file transfer.


The e-mail policy contains suggestions on what public authority employees should take into consideration when sending electronic data by e-mail. The goal of this policy is to define a minimum standard for public authorities when using e-mail as a medium. For example, contact with citizens should take place through a Web interface such as a Web form whenever possible.


The domain policy aims to present a uniform Internet appearance on public authority Websites, and to guarantee that security and organisational requirements are complied with.

Every Web presence must include legal contact information, a valid address and search functionality. Optimally, it would also make use of electronic forms and have a sitemap. Particular emphasis should also be placed on adherence to WAI standards for accessibility with regards to page layout. Domainregistrierungs-Policy

All individual public authority Websites should appear under a single domain, namely “”. This measure should build up trust amongst users, so that they can be confident that the service or information on the site is official. The “public authority” should already be recognizable by the name in the address field of the browser. The domain names for are given out by the Federal Chancellery free-of-charge to public authorities. Technical administration is carried out by the Vienna City Magistrate. In addition to increasing citizens’ and businesses' trust, domains offer protection from domain name grabbing. Application forms and other helpful information about applying can be found on the Internet. It is not necessary to change the current Internet address. This can easily be forwarded to the "" domain.

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