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The Platform Digital Austria

How eGovernment is organised in Austria

The Platform Digital Austria, which was created in 2005, has become the centre point for coordination and strategy of eGovernment in Austria by the Federal Government. All eGovernment projects in Austria now run under the Platform Digital Austria designation.

It coordinates all the agendas of the “Kooperation BLSG” (which stands for Cooperation of Federal Government, Provinces, Municipalities and Communities), previously known as the E-Cooperation Board, and the ICT Strategy Group, formerly known as the ICT Board. 

The advantages of having a single chairmanship in charge of projects are obvious. Projects are coordinated with one another so any projects which are too similar can be detected and duplication of effort can be avoided.

The chairmanship of Platform Digital Austria is held by the Federal CIO.

Organisation of the Platform Digital Austria

Organisation of the Platform Digital Austria as described below

Top level of the platform:

  • Management: ICT-Strategy of the federal government;
  • Chairmanship: CIO of the federal government.
    • Spokesperson of the platform Public Relations and Affairs

Members of the platform: Local and national governments as well as chamber organisations and industry (e.g. Federal Government, provinces, league of cities, municipalities, chamber of commerce, social insurance

Organisational sectors:

  • Digital Austria Federal ICT Board:
    • Ministries
  • Digital Austria Local Government Board:
    • Provinces, municipalities, regions, industry


The eGovernment Innovation Centre (EGIZ) was established at the same time as the platform. The initiative between the Federal Chancellery and the Graz University of Technology supports the Chancellery in the development of an ICT federal strategy and carries out technical research in the field of eGovernment. The main areas of focus of the EGIZ include various topics in IT security, further education and training, strategic and technical consulting for public administration and participating in international collaborative projects.

Since 2006, the Federal Platform Digital Austria has been working in close cooperation with the Centre for eGovernment at the Danube University in Krems in the areas of eDemocracy and eGovernment education and training.

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