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Open Data Strategy / PSI Directive

The Public Sector Information Directive aims to align the different national provisions for the re-use of information of the public sector in all Member States.

The private sector produces a large amount of information in various areas, e.g. business, social policy, geography, weather, tourism or education. This information can be the starting point for new products and services. The PSI Directive aims to align the different national provisions for the re-use of information of the public sector in all Member States. Through greater legal certainty for the individual and the same conditions for all on the European market, information services across the Union are to be made easier and a uniform information market promoted. 

The amendment to the PSI Directive was to be implemented domestically by mid-2015. In Austria, the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy coordinated the implementation. The PSI amendment was implemented at federal level by an amendment to the Law on the Re-Use of Information which acts as a framework law. In implementation of Article 9 (Practical arrangements) of the PSI amendment, the data can be made available by using the existing Open Government Data Austria Platform (


In December 2011, the EC presented its Open Data Strategy. Open Government Data or also Open Public Data are non-personal data inventories (geographical data, weather data, etc.) that should be made freely accessible in the interest of the general public without any restriction regarding unhindered usage, further dissemination and unhindered re-use. By making non-personal information of the public sector available, the development of new products and services is promoted and economic growth in Austria supported.

In 2011, the Open Government Data Austria government was established in Austria with the goal of creating standards in the area of Open Government Data and promoting Open Government Data. Agreements can be viewed on the reference server of the Digital Austria platform. At the present time in Austria, public organisations decide themselves whether their data records are published as Open Government data records. If the public organisation decides to publish according to the Open Government Data principles, the standards of the Open Government Data Austria cooperation must be complied with.

In June 2013, an amendment to the Public Sector Information Directive (PSI Directive 2013) was adopted that represents a clear commitment to Open Data and has a direct impact on cultural institutions such as museums, archives and libraries as it extends the validity of the Directive to precisely these institutions. The Directive is to be implemented in national law by 18 July 2015. 

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