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Online services

eGovernment should be at the disposal of the people and not the other way around. Electronic services need to be easy to find and available at all times.

For citizens, the step-by-step implementation of eGovernment makes everyday life much easier. The inconvenience of having to go to a public administration office in person will no longer be necessary since procedures are carried out online. The wide variety of services, such as applying for educational grants online, visiting the Tax and Revenue Office in the Internet, applying for a criminal record certificate or child care grants saves a lot of time and stress, and eliminates unnecessary formalities for the general population.

Citizens can submit all kinds of applications using the electronic forms already available. More types of forms are already planned for the future. These forms are available on the Internet and in many cases can be filled out and submitted directly online.

The digitalisation of public administration means that in many cases it will no longer be necessary to show up at the public authority in person during specified office hours. Important business with the public authority can be carried out by a few mouse clicks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It eliminates taking a leave to fill out forms at the public authority office and spending time in waiting rooms.

eGovernment not only saves time, it also saves costs in fees. Since 1 January 2016, the federal fees for various applications have been 40 per cent cheaper if the application is submitted by citizen card or mobile phone signature. Most application fees were reduced from 14.30 to 8.60 Euro in the case of application by electronic means on the 1st day of the year. In addition to birth certificates, this also concerns marriage or death certificates, proof of nationality, application for a change in name, certificate from the penal register, planning permission or information from the central trade register or the establishment of the individual qualification for a trade. For instance, for the registration of a trade or the relocation of the site for a trade, the fee is now only 28.40 euros instead of 47.30 euros as was the case up to now. The requirement for this is that the application is submitted by means of the citizen card or mobile phone signature.

The successive expansion of "no-stop shop" eGovernment solutions results in citizens automatically receiving the benefits that they are entitled to without having to complete a form. For instance, since the implementation of the "application-free family assistance (ALF)" in May 2015 families have automatically received family assistance on the birth of a child without having to file the application themselves. Overall, an estimated 80,000 families a year benefit from this "no-stop shop" solution.