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With the help of electronic mandates, individuals can use their mobile phone signature or card-based citizen card to carry out procedures on someone else’s behalf. The representative can be either a natural or legal person. This can be the case for natural persons who do not wish or are not able to conduct online procedures with the mobile phone signature or card-based citizen card themselves, and therefore entrust someone to conduct procedures on their behalf.

For legal persons, it is possible to authorize a representative to carry out administrative procedures on their behalf. The electronic mandate makes it possible to uniquely identify the legal person who is being represented.

The specified XML data structure of the electronic mandate contains the identification data for the principal (the person to be represented) and the representative. There are various options for the contents of the mandate: it can be registered without any restrictions, for example with full mandate rights, or it can contain restrictions for the period of validity or transaction limits that can currently be read in an automated manner. Within the scope of eGovernment cooperation, standard text blocks will be defined that can be combined to create complex mandate agreements that still can be checked automatically.

In order to represent somebody electronically, a mandate must be registered in the citizen card environment. This is done using a Web Service from the SourcePIN Register Authority. It allows the principal to prepare the mandate agreement and specify a representative. The form is sent electronically to the representative, who must accept the prepared mandate.

If the principal is a legal entity, the representation information will be automatically drawn from the Business Register, i.e. for companies from the Comercial Register, for associations from the Central Association Register and for other non-natural legal entities from the supplementary register for other parties affected (ERsB).Electronic mandates are created in the course of a registration process on-the-fly by the an online mandate system (OVS) which is operated by the SourcePIN register authority. The mandates get generated on the basis of the representation information stored there, made available to the MOA ID or the application and are only valid within the scope  of the registration process.

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