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The first place to go for questions about public authorities is the portal. The multiple award-winning portal is not only the first place to go for private individuals, but also for anyone who wants to find out more about public administration in Austria. The HELP Portal is also a useful service point for administration.

The website has been offering online services according to the "one-stop-shop"principle since 2001 and continues to successively develop new services. The application of the citizen card as a uniform system of electronic identification in Austria contributed significantly to its success. An electronic appointment reservation system and information offerings adapted specifically for mobile end-user devices are just a few of the numerous additional services at

The Website is designed with accessibility requirements in mind so that it can be used with ease by those with special needs, older people and those with diminished eyesight. The navigation was designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible so that users do not need to search too long to find the desired topic from the start page. All available content is arranged according to topic into major categories and subjects. Categories such as Education (which includes forms for registering for school), Documents (e.g., for applying for a passport) and Finances (for online tax declaration forms) can be found on the platform.

The site contains general information on eGovernment services in a compact and comprehensive format and provides links to the corresponding solutions. 

The menu item “Formulare/Online-Amtswege” (Forms/Online procedures) contains an exhaustive list of application forms for all public authorities in Austria, from A to Z. Many of these documents can only be downloaded, filled out and sent to the corresponding authority by regular post or e-mail. However, more and more forms can now be electronically filled out, signed and sent – completely paperless, without changes in the type of media and without any further action being necessary. The number of official deliveries that do not require a change in media format is rising steadily since replies are able to be sent back to citizens using an authorised electronic delivery service.

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