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IT applications for the European Order for Payment Procedure

The European Payment Order procedure aims to create a uniform, time-saving and efficient instrument for the collection of undisputed monetary claims.

With EC Regulation No. 1896/2006, the European Payment Order procedure was introduced on 12 December 2008 that aims to create a uniform, time-saving and efficient instrument for the collection of undisputed monetary claims. Vienna District Court for Commercial Matters is the central body responsible in Austria for all lawsuits (applications) in the EU Payment Order procedure. The handling is done with the help of uniform form sheets available in all EU languages. An unused enforceable payment order can be enforced directly in all EU states. Austria and Germany together developed an IT application funded by the EU for the electronic handling of these proceedings. The application offers, e.g. the following practical functions:

  • Simple handling of the applications through adoption of the data from the lawsuit form sheet (form sheet A) and creation of other form sheets and procedural steps in the system.
  • Important data of the proceedings is available at all times in the form of a “file cover sheet” (table).
  • All procedural steps are arranged in a “register” (table). All other work steps are done from the register, such as letters and notes.
  • Text elements can be freely created and saved for any purpose.
  • Form sheets and court documents can either be printed out and sent by post or delivered electronically via the ERV (see above).

The IT application was developed in a modular form (language module, cost module, etc.) which means that it can be fundamentally used in all Member States and also in the European e-Justice portal. The IT project was chosen as the winner from 259 participants to receive the 2009 eGovernment Award in the category “eGovernment supporting the Internal Market”.

The European Payment Order procedure is one of the pilot proceedings of the European large-scale project e-CODEX which is addressed in more detail in the “International” section. The pilot application has been in regular operation since July 2013. Participating Member States are currently Austria, Estonia, Germany and Italy. Several lawsuits have already successfully been communicated electronically from Austria to Germany.

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