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eGovernment vision 2020

Convenience and simplicity

Citizens and business can communicate with the administration in a convenient, simple, electronic and barrier-free way. The focus here is on citizen orientation and simplicity. Personalisation and regionalisation are offered for identification. The trend towards mobility and the need for unrestricted availability of administrative services are taken into account.

Increase in efficiency

Where expediently possible, the one-stop-no-stop principle will be implemented electronically. A further increase in efficiency of the administrative processes is achieved in particular through the comprehensive usage of data available in the public administration (for instance register). An acceleration of the administrative handling results in an alleviation  of the burden on the citizens and on business.

Trustworthiness and security

eGovernment applications are created and operated in compliance with data protection and state-of-the-art high information security measures. They are perceived by citizens and business as trustworthy and secure. The use of one’s own data by the administration is transparent for all involved. The awareness of the citizens and of business for ICT security is actively promoted by the administration.

Transparency and openness

Administrative activities are done in transparent form and are open. Collaboration and Open Government Data are an integral part in the opening up of the administration. eGovernment makes an important contribution to freedom of information. As a clear and positive signal, a “right to electronic communication with the administration” is introduced.


Interactive administrative processes facilitate participation and citizen involvement. The administration encourages citizens and business to contribute ideas and feedback and to collaboration in the organisation of the administrative tasks.


The administration acts as a catalyst for society and business and promotes innovations. The administration is open to modern ways of working and technology and makes beneficial use of them.


The intensive usage in administration is an important economic factor for the ICT economy in Austria. At the same time, ICT-optimised administration processes reduce the administrative costs of business. With training offensives, the administration makes a contribution to reducing the lack of specialist ICT staff and thus to safeguarding Austria as a location. The preservation of digital sovereignty is thus also promoted.

National and international convergence and synergies

The Austrian administration is a visionary and pioneer in the international positioning of successful eGovernment solutions and is open for European partnerships. Optimum use will be made of international and national convergences and synergies here.