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eGovernment components

E-Government is based on freely available software components, the MOAs (modules for online applications). These can also be easily integrated into the online portals of municipalities and district representations.

eGovernment is based on freely available software components, which are easy to integrate into the online portals of municipal and district authorities.

When a citizen visits a community Website and fills out a form, he or she can then sign it using his or her citizen card. The administrative authority checks the signature with help from an MOA, and sends the official document either electronically or as a paper hardcopy.

The following modules are introduced as examples in the "Infrastructure" chapter: For the purpose of identification, the MOA ID is used. This module enables secure login using the citizen card. Verification of the signature and document is carried out by the MOA SP. The server signature MOA SS creates the official signature for a public authority, such as for a municipal authority, and the delivery module MOA ZS ensures that documents are securely delivered electronically.

The E-Gov:Labs portal forms the central point of contact for all who want to participate in the activities and development relating to the open eGovernment components. For this purpose, E-Gov:Labs offers interested parties, among others, of all currently available open-source software components (MOA-ID/SS/SP/AS/ZS, PDF-AS etc.).

The latest software is provided for download and maintained on the joint open-source platform of the European Commission, Joinup. Joinup is a collaboration platform that provides information on various European open-source eGovernment projects, including among others, the modules for online applications – and helps the Community to find projects and/or software, to implement new projects and to ensure their interoperability.

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