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Directory Service

The central directory service for the Austrian Government ""

Directory Services serve as the infrastructure upon which various internal and external information services can be built. A central directory service and data model was developed for the Austrian Government called "". The service has two functions. The first is to create a directory in which all authorities in Austria are represented. A country-wide address and telephone directory of public authorities will make them easier to find and increases the transparency of public administration. The directory supports a full-text search for the respective authority and provides navigation to browse the structure of organisations.

The second function has to do with the use of the directory service in the portal group. As previously explained, the authorisation process for accessing an application occurs over decentralised user management systems in the portal group. These are implemented as directories on the portal. Base portals use directories in order to specify employees as authorised users. Application portals, on the other hand, authorise administrative organisations according to their legal area of responsibility. The specification defines a uniform data structure which comprises all portal-relevant information on organisations, organisational units, users, portals, applications and user access rights.

Base and application portals must frequently exchange data and, due to the interoperable data models, are able to use the central directory service as a kind of data hub. It is then conceivable to imagine integrating this into services for everyday use.