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Citizen Card Concept

With the Citizen Card as an electronic ID card, you can be identified with no doubt and you can also sign document

In order to make procedures with public authorities both secure and traceable, public authorities must be able to verify who a person is so that there is no doubt as to their identity. An electronic tool is needed that can uniquely identify citizens and businesses. This electronic identification is the "citizen card".

The term "citizen card" is used to describe a tool in the Austrian identity management concept that makes it possible to provide electronic services for public administration employees and customers in a simple and secure manner. As the electronic identification in the Internet, the citizen card provides unique identification and authentication of users, which is necessary in order to offer certain electronic procedures. In addition to the identification function, the citizen card also offers the possibility of signing documents easily and securely electronically. 

The “citizen card functionality” can be installed on various carrier media. A chip card such as the e-card or the mobile telephone can be used for this. Since the implementation of the mobile phone signature (citizen card with mobile phone function) at the end of 2009 , the electronic signature is now very easy to use. In contrast to the use of chip cards with citizen card function, neither card reading devices nor software installations at the local PC are necessary.

Using the citizen card in its different variations means that:

  • proving someone's identity securely and electronically saves them having to go to a public administration office in person.
  • with the help of electronic signatures, users can submit a declaration of intent without any difficulty, which can easily be checked so that there is no doubt as to its authenticity.

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