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Austrian Strategy for Cyber Security

The "Austrian Strategy for Cyber ​​Security" forms the basis for collaboration at overall state level in this area

Cover Österreichische Strategie für Cyber-Sicherheit
Book cover Austrian strategy for Cyber Security

In Austria, around three quarters of the population regularly use the Internet; half already use it on a daily basis. In particular business is very heavily dependent on a functioning digital infrastructure. The Internet is also an essential basis for public administration to make its services accessible to a broad public in the sense of a domestic eGovernment approach. Today, even the supply with energy, water and transport facilities is dependent on a functioning, digital infrastructure.

Attacks from cyberspace are a direct risk to our security and for the functioning of state, business, science and society. It is thus one of the utmost priorities for Austria to work at protecting cyber space at national and international level. Cyber security means security of the infrastructure of cyber space, of the data exchange in cyber space and primarily of the people who use cyber space.

With the Austrian Strategy for Cyber Security (ÖSCS), a comprehensive and proactive concept for the protection of cyber space and of people in virtual space was adopted by the federal government. The ÖSCS forms the basis for collaboration at overall state level in this area. 

The ÖSCS is based on the principles of rule of law, subsidiarity, self-regulation and proportionality. The strategy was developed by the contact persons to the National Security Council and cyber experts under the leadership of the Federal Chancellery. Together, they form the Cyber Security Control Group that also coordinates and accompanies the implementation of the strategy. Most of the 38 implementation activities in total from seven fields of action have been successfully ended.

The newly established structures, processes and activities place the state organisation of cyber security in Austria on a sustainable and robust basis. The ÖSCS will improve the security and robustness of the Austrian infrastructures and services in cyber space and also aims in particular to create awareness and promote the trust of society.


Austrian Cyber Security Strategy (PDF, 980 KB)